Glass Wall Construction for Exclusive Modern House Building

Finished in 2012, this modern house building with glass wall construction nestled near a sunny desert situation right on La Quinta, California, USA. XTEN Architecture is the designer of this contemporary house. It’s called as Madison House with a great house design. The location is has a hot air of the desert environment, the architect is trying make a house design that still give you a chill situation even in a location that near the desert.

glass wall construction


The modern house building plans are amazingly make the situation chill enough with the unique cooling system. It has glass wall construction and door design that will make the house has a transparent exterior design. It also constructed in some cubic architecture with details of the wall stone. Enjoy the amazing panorama scene of the desert and highlands surrounding this house from the pool. You will get a fresh situation in there. It also has a large size area that you will feel more exclusive living on this house.

The interior design of this house is carrying a contemporary style. The ceramic floor brings a reflection with an elegant nuance. You also will get a fresh situation on the house with a beautiful accent on there. A large pond also placed in the middle of the house with a stunning tree that will make the chill situation stronger in here. The house consists of two floors with a great interior design. It has a cubic design that brings some modern touch on the architecture design. Well, you also will get a stunning sky panorama when the night comes by enjoying the situation from the top of this building.

The architect is successfully creating this beautiful house. It has a modern and contemporary look with a nice environment view. A large pool also placed with great scenery that will make you feel impressed in a first glance. These modern house building designs with the glass wall construction are constructed with a true contemporary architecture design.


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